Prototyping and inventing for Bowers & Wilkins' next generation of audio products


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The way people listen to music has drastically changed in recent years, we “carry” our music with us on our devices and expect seamless transitions between devices and speakers. Bowers & Wilkins have a rich history of creating quality products for the high-end audio market and asked us to help them in their shift towards the new media market - bringing the same quality to the user-experience of their innovative connected products.


Whilst we can’t share the tangible outputs of this project, we focused on several opportunity areas and built functional use-cases and experience prototypes for the following:

  • User-experience design of the ecosystem, designing interactions both in the physical and digital realm, designing adaptive and contextual interfaces, and in-app music management.

  • Looking at user-experience opportunities from various wireless technologies (Bluetooth Low Energy, RFID, Wifi, etc.).

  • Physical remote control with tangible and haptic feedback for in-home use.



This six month project culminated in the design, development, and internal communication of a high-fidelity functional prototype. The engagement was split into three distinct phases:

Discovery: defining goals and strategy, learning about current challenges and pain points, understanding their current product ranges and how users interact with them.

Design: this phase focussed on creating proof-of-concepts through low to medium fidelity prototypes. These were tested with users to validate each direction, with the most promising elements further developed and iterated on.

Development: taking the most successful elements of the previous phase and evolving these into a coherent product living in their ecosystem. This product was then used by Bowers & Wilkins to experience, test and convince various stakeholders (such as engineers and C-Level executives within the company, amongst others).


Some of the elements we developed have been introduced into the next generation of products that are now coming onto the market.

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Client: Bowers & Wilkins


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