Automating the process for a non-invasive method for sterilisation


We designed and developed a functional prototype and proof-of-concept for a new automated version of the Ovalastic procedure by Urogyn.

Ovalastic is a non-invasive method for sterilisation that does not require surgery. It uses a soft flexible implant to block the Fallopian tubes and prevent the egg cells from being fertilised without damaging the tissue. The current method is done manually by using a gun for dispensing the material via a catheter. See the video below for a complete explanation of the current procedure.

There are currently many steps to the manual procedure and by automating each step, the process is simplified for the specialist – giving more control, requiring fewer hands, and most crucially, always ensuring the exact amount of material is dispensed at the right speed.


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Client: Urogyn


  • User Experience

  • Industrial design

  • Engineering

  • Programming

  • Electronics

  • Prototyping


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