IoT Manifesto

Guidelines for responsible design in a connected world

The world is becoming increasingly connected. This offers opportunities for designers, engineers and entrepreneurs to create unprecedented products and services. Yet, a connected world also brings new questions and challenges to the table.

This manifesto serves as a code of conduct for everyone involved in developing the Internet of Things, outlining 10 principles to  help create balanced and honest products in a burgeoning field with many unknowns.

The collaboration

This is a collaboration between a group of design studios practicing in the field of IoT. The intention of this manifesto to be a living document that the larger community of peers working within the IoT field can contribute to and improve upon.

We seek your input to help it grow. Please discuss, contribute, remix, and test the boundaries of these principles. We welcome you to join the discussion on how to improve this manifesto and work towards a valuable code of conduct for our industry.

Workshops and talks

We have been running workshops and giving talks, if you’re interested in having us at your event/organisation please give us a shout!

Get involved

If you would like to learn more about the IoT Manifesto, and even sign it, head over to

Andrew Spitz