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Product Design
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We’re FROLIC studio, an award-winning strategic product design & development studio.

From concept to production, digital to physical, we work with our global clients to turn strategies into great products.

With an eye for form, a mind for engineering and plenty of empathy for user-experience, our multi-disciplinary team creates products that look great, feel right, and simply work.


Great design can mean great impact

We believe that design has the potential to have positive impacts on our world. It can solve problems, delight people and shape the future.

We’re at an exciting time where the boundary between what is digital and physical is blurry. It’s all a little chaotic but we like to see these connected products as a playground of opportunities. Want to work together on your next product? 


Creating Digital &
Physical Products


We are part design, part engineering, always focused on people.

Products are getting more complex, yet users are expecting more simplicity.
Your competitors are moving quickly, but the technology and trends are moving even quicker.
Fundamentally, the ways in which products and services are created has changed.

We’re the nimble partner in your transformation to stay ahead of the curve.


 How do we do it?



We learn about the context, the strategy, and the user. We synthesise all this to map out opportunities and to create ideas.



We make ideas tangible, and prototyping is the best way to visualise and validate them. We observe, test, learn and refine – on a small scale.



Going live with a larger group of users brings in a new wave of learnings, which helps evolve the product.



Whether it’s a service, platform or a hardware product, we ensure that the design and engineering is fit for production.

We work in a variety of contexts

Our work spans many industries - for instance: consumer electronics, infrastructure, charitable, medical, advertising, audio and more. Our output also varies, as we might build a prototype to see what the future could look like (and stop there), or we might go much further and design, engineer and manufacture tens of thousands units of a product.

Innovation & Development

Social impact


Retail & Exhibition