A little about us


Prototyping is at the heart of everything that we do.

When you visit us (please do), you’ll enter through our workshop where you will see us soldering electronics, 3d printing, laser cutting, and moulding things with our hands. We prototype everything because experiencing something is far more powerful than simply imagining it.



We’re multidisciplinary, multicultural, and agile. For each project, we create a core team designed for big output.

Whether it’s a physical device, a digital service or the two combined (our speciality), you require a fresh type of thinking and a team that has a broad set of skills. 

Our core team includes




Industrial Design /

Product Design


Design Research


Interaction Design / User Research


Creative Direction


Electronic Engineering


Service Design


Software Development



We are very proud of some of the recognition we have had. Here are some of the organisations that have awarded us for our work.


Founding Partners

FROLIC studio was founded by Ruben van der Vleuten and Andrew Spitz in 2013 after many great collaborations at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design.

They found that their shared vision for product design and their complementary skills were perfect reasons to set up their own studio.


Working together

We see our working relationship as a collaboration. To create the best product for you, we need to have a good understanding of your needs, goals, strategy, and more. Therefore we invite you to kick-off the project with a workshop, we will present you with our work throughout the process, and will keep the lines of communication short and clear.