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Working at FROLIC studio

We’re a small multidisciplinary team of designers and engineers developing meaningful products and tackling big design challenges. We believe that with a great team everything is possible – teamwork is our strength, being small and nimble is our edge.

Our clients mean a whole lot to us, but we design for the people that use these products, whether physically or digitally. We work on a variety of products ranging from innovation/R&D projects all the way to manufacturing. Projects can span a wide range of fascinating industries and contexts, for instance: infrastructure, charitable and medical, consumer electronics, advertising, or audio (amongst many others). Between client projects and developing our own products, there’s really never a dull moment here!

Want to join our cosy little studio in the heart of Amsterdam?
You can apply by filling this form (also found under each job description). These are the main things you will need to have ready during your application:

  • Portfolio (for design-related applications) as a PDF under 10mb. If you need to compress, this works well.

  • CV, also as PDF under 10MB.

  • Some short text (±300 words) giving us insight into your incentives to work with us at FROLIC studio (think of it as a motivation letter).

Job openings

Electronic Engineer
full-time | when we find the perfect match

Internship Product Design
6 months | february 2019

Internship Maker / Prototyper / UX
6 months | autumn 2019

DSP Sound Designer
part-time or intern | asap


Freelance with us

Every project is unique so we’re building our network of great freelancers. We’re looking for all types of people. If you want to be on our list, fill in this form:


Electronic Engineer

full-time | when we find the perfect match

We are looking for an electronic engineer to join the team and work on a variety of products. Throughout the process we build functional prototypes, working our way from low to high fidelity prototypes, small batch pilots, all the way to mass-manufacturing. You will work closely with the design team to make products that are not only well engineered but also a great experience for the user.

A plus if 

  • +2 year experience

  • Have experience in design for manufacturing

  • Experience with embedded software

  • Knowledge in DSP

  • Experience with Arduino

We expect you to

  • Have a high level in designing schematics and PCBs

  • Use Eagle software

  • Be able to do technical and feasibility research

  • Have a broad knowledge in many technologies (RF, GPS, audio, etc.)

  • Work independently and in a multidisciplinary team

  • Iterate quickly and have a hands-on approach

Internship Product Design

6 months | february 2019

We are looking for someone with a genuine curiosity for all things design, with experience in designing great looking products and experiences, and who has an affinity for making products that really matter to people.

During your time with us, you will be exposed to all areas of the design process, from initial sketching and rendering, to prototyping through 3D printing and laser cutting. You will learn about the manufacturing process and how to design for it. You will get to work with electronic engineers, developers, industrial designers and project managers. You will provide essential support in the design process at various points for our many exciting clients, and in return, not only will you gain valuable practical design experience in a variety of techniques, but you will learn about the whole design life cycle and work with a brilliant team who support each other throughout the project process.

A plus if

  • Familiar with research methodologies

  • Knowledge in Rhino 

  • You can create wireframe 

  • You can tell compelling stories

  • Photography skills 

We expect you to

  • Sketch

  • User-centred approach to your design 

  • CAD with a strong knowledge of Fusion 360 

  • Design interfaces, tangible and digital (Illustrator or Sketch) 

  • Prototype and build physical models 

  • Have strong graphic design abilities   

Internship Maker/Prototyper/UX

6 months | autumn 2019

You live for turning ideas into reality. You are a very hands-on, you love to tinker, explore, experiment with technology, and design wonderful experiences. Whether it’s in the physical or digital world or both, you’ll be right at home getting things working.

A plus if 

  • Can design PCBs

  • User-experience and interface design: services, digital and tangible

  • Can use digital prototyping tools such as

  • Have experience with IoT

  • Comfortable with workshop tools such as 3d printing, CNC, model making, etc.

  • Basic 3d modelling skills

We expect you to

  • Have knowledge in electronics

  • High level in Arduino

  • Be able to do technical and feasibility research

  • Read datasheets

  • Source components, modules, etc.

  • Can quickly make functional prototypes

  • Iterate quickly and have a hands-on approach

DSP sound designer

part-time or internship | asap

You don’t just love making music, you live to create the tools to make music. We’re looking for a junior DSP sound designer to help us code some amazing real-time effects using Pure Data. These will be running on a chip, so a good understanding of hardware and its limitations is important. For this role, you can work remotely.

A plus if 

  • Experience in electronics/Arduino

  • Experience with Csound, C++, SuperCollider

  • Appreciate good design

We expect you to

  • Have a high level in Pure Data

  • Strong knowledge of DSP

  • Knowledge in procedural audio

  • Design sound, play and compose music