Product Design Sprint 
(for hardware & IoT)

At FROLIC studio, we believe in making ideas tangible, quickly. We consider prototyping to be the best way to visualise and validate those ideas. Experiencing something is far more powerful than simply imagining it.


Why a Product Design Sprint?

We are seeing how products are increasingly complex in nature, yet consumers are expecting their user experiences to be straightforward. Technology and trends are advancing at an incredible pace, and your competitors are moving quickly too. Fundamentally, the development cycle of products and services has changed – and a product design sprint is a solution to this fast-changing world.

The design sprint methodology strives in solving problems, creating successful products, or improving existing ones. It helps minimise risk and ensures that the right products are built and launched – saving you countless hours and huge costs.

If a picture is worth 1.000 words, a prototype is worth 1.000 meetings.

What to expect

A product design sprint at FROLIC studio condenses months of work into just two weeks (or one week for purely digital products) through a dedicated team and time-blocking. We move quickly: from idea to prototyping to making decisions, in order to build better products in a shorter timeframe. A typical process looks like this (but it’s flexible):

Sprint timeline.jpg
Day 1

We’ll learn about the context, the strategy, and the user. We’ll align the team under a shared vision with clearly defined goals and deliverables, and we’ll synthesise all this to map out opportunities and to create ideas (a lot of them).

Day 2

We’ll sketch out solutions, and make decisions about what to prototype.

Day 3 - 7

We’ll design, engineer, and build interactive prototypes.

Day 8

We’ll make mini videos/GIFs/renders showing key interactions and concepts in their best light. We’ll also set up some tests which are suitable for real users.

Smartians base-and-kettle-1.gif
Pingbell main-interaction.gif
Day 9

We’ll test these prototypes with users to gather insights. We’ll also show the users the content created on day 8 to get a feel of their emotional response to the concept.

Day 10

We’ll present our findings alongside the prototype, and work out what our next steps will be.


What exactly do you get?

We’re a team of expert prototypers (from UX, to industrial design, to electronic engineering). We guide the whole process to maximise our time and create the most appropriate proof-of-concept that we can use for testing and experiencing your product.

By the end of the two weeks, you will have a tangible representation of what the final product could be. We will provide you with a thoughtful, high-fidelity interactive prototype that we have tested on real users, and which allows for clear insights on how to move forward towards production and the launch of your product.


The sprint is finished, now what?

With your product visualised and tested, the next steps become a lot clearer. You may want to do another sprint to work out more details, iterate and refine, or even explore another direction altogether.

We will use all the learnings from our sprint(s) to then further develop the ideas, work out any kinks, generally make it more awesome, and launch a pilot or minimal viable product. Going live with a larger group of users brings in a new wave of learnings, which really helps the product evolve.

Finally, we ensure that the design and engineering is fit for production, and once it’s perfect, we press the big START button to get them manufactured and available to your customers.

Sprint 1

Sprint-phases 01.jpg

Sprint 2

Sprint-phases 02.jpg


Sprint-phases 03.jpg


Sprint-phases 04.jpg

Why work with us?

We’re an award-winning product design studio, working quickly to convert ideas into prototypes, and prototypes into successful products. A hands-on approach with loads of prototyping is at the heart of everything that we do. When you take an idea and turn it into something physical, not only do you gain a range of new knowledge and understandings, but you often end up challenging your previous assumptions, and end up thinking about your project in an entirely new light.

  • Get to tangible results, fast.

  • Low risk, nimble, see what’s worth pushing further.

  • Maximise your return on investment.

  • Convince investors, stakeholders, and key decision makers.


Sprints are for all types of companies

From startups to agencies to corporations, sprints are a great way to align teams. In various forms of this sprint, we’ve worked with many of our clients to solve challenges. Some focus on completely new products, others on a specific user-experience or a type of technology.