A connected bike accessory that alerts kids when cycling in high risk traffic areas


Annually In the Netherlands, there are around 200 fatalities and 78,000 casualties involving bicycle accidents. To deal with this issue, we developed SafeToBike – a device aimed at children that warn the cyclist when riding through high traffic risk areas in order to increase their alertness and vigilance.

We launched the SafeToBike pilot in the Dutch city of Den Bosch, with one hundred school kids using and testing it during an 8 week period. The pilot is of 100 fully functional units in circulation with the goal to learn as much as possible from real usage to inform the next phase, which is mass-manufacturing.


The SafeToBike solution consists of a device connected to the smartphone of the cyclist (iOS & Android), which continuously matches the GPS location with a central database containing the data of where bike accidents happen. This information comes from VIA, which gets data from insurers and the police. It is then processed using the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. The rider can also add hazardous locations themselves.




The idea for SafeToBike was born during a hackathon organised by SAP and was won by SAP partner Quinso. We then partnered with SAP and Quinso who did the mobile development while we took care of the hardware:   

  • Industrial design

  • Engineering

  • Programming

  • Electronics

  • Prototyping

Together with

Client: Interpolis

Partners: SAP, Quinso


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