Omnipresent calls the sender once their gift is received


Problem: “I want to feel like I’m there when my present is received”

Giving someone the “right” present can be tricky. It’s an opportunity to show them what they mean to you by finding a gift that says you know them, love them and care about them.

For those living far away from their loved ones, there’s the added disconnect between giving a present and it being received and opened. Giving a gift is such a nice feeling for all involved that, we think, it is a moment that should be shared – regardless of the distance. So through this 24h FROLIC, we wanted to explore ways to close this gap.

Solution: “Receive a call while your present is being opened”

Out of this 24h FROLIC, we came up with a prototype that we call Omni Present. When the present is opened, light comes into the box, prompting the makeshift mobile phone inside to automatically call the sender of the present  – connecting them in real-time to share the experience together.

Over the course of 24 hours, we built this working prototype using Arduino, a mini cellular GSM module by Adafruit, some custom electronics and some digital fabrication tools. We then shipped it over to be tested in the real world, which was very well received by my mother living in France!


About 24h FROLIC

At FROLIC studio, we write down the things that we think deserve some attention and put these in a box. When we have some white space between projects, we grab one of these problems and over the course of 24 hours, push ourselves to solve it. This means brainstorming, building a working prototype, and testing it in the field. With 24 hours to do all this, there’s not much time to over-think and second-guess decisions – it forces us to let intuition take the lead.


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