Refuelling as a service: onsite delivery to fleets of vehicles

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Shell TapUp is disrupting the fuel industry by offering refuelling as a service for fleets of vehicles. The goal is to create a more sustainable and decentralised distribution model by delivering alternative fuels to vehicles onsite.

By bringing fuel directly to their customers (who cover a wide range of industries such as logistics, government, and construction), they increase the productivity and sustainability of an entire fleet of vehicles, saving countless kilometres of unnecessary driving to and from fuelling stations.


We were tasked with exploring new user scenarios and business opportunities, leading up to the creation of a proprietary remote monitoring system for Shell TapUp. The system uses various industry grade sensors, to track in real-time their refuelling vehicles’ load, locations and transactions, then communicating all this data directly to the backend to monitor and optimise their fleet. The freedom to monitor their own fleet gives them far better control over the company’s own logistics and management, enabling them to scale the business effectively.



Through a series of product design sprints, we developed the ecosystem from initial product definitions and user-experience explorations, all the way to the development and operational setup into their full fleet of vehicles. Every Shell TapUp vehicle is now connected and monitored 24/7.

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  • 4.073 hours of working time has been saved.

  • 213.900 km taken off the road.

  • 184.500 litres of alternative fuel delivered.

    *Up to the 24th of June 2019.

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