Interactive retail cases for Dior


We joined creative studio Bonsoir Paris, who specialise in progressive spatial design and production, in creating a set of living, interactive retail cases for the Dior Homme Made to Order Exotique Collection 2016. Dior’s high-end collection consists of made to order jackets and accessories. 

The modular displays use programmed light changes and motion to accentuate the detail and craftsmanship of each of the products. Each product is individually highlighted with its own rhythmic light animation as it emerges from either side of the case. The displays travelled internationally to locations including Paris, Hong Kong and New York City. We at FROLIC studio were responsible for the design, engineering and programming of the lighting for the display. 

Our role 

We were responsible for all the tech involving in the fog display at the New York store, including programming and electronics of the sensors and control of the Smart Glass.


Together with

Client: Dior
Agency/studio: Bonsoir Paris (concept, design, production)


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