Showcasing Intel Edison through a gesture controlled music and lighting table


The Intel Edison computer platform is a powerful module for The Internet Of Things. Intel wanted to showcase its capabilities at Maker Faires and tech trade shows around the world so we co-built five gesture controlled music and lighting tables using Edison components. All five of the tables are travelling around the world.

To engage the visitors in an intuitive and playful manner, the movement and position of the visitor’s hands were tracked. These interactions created beautiful light animations and a soundscape that each player contributes to by creating a sonic composition reminiscent of the iconic Intel sonic identity.


Our role 

We were responsible for all the electronics, programming, sound design and interaction design. We designed and programmed the system for the gesture analysis, lighting animation, the sound design (instruments, composition, dynamic mixing), and the system’s global tasks.

We optimised the code so that the table works very responsively and harmoniously with four participants at a time. For the people running the booth, it had to be easy to operate and be reliable as it travels for two years around the world.

Together with

Client: Intel
Agency: Sid Lee
Art Direction & Design: Bonsoir Paris
Fabrication: Fiction Factory


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