A GPS tag that gives audio tips while you visit Amsterdam


Travelling around the city of Amsterdam, with all its wonderful quirks, can often be overwhelming for tourists, with thousands of people on bicycles darting around and a daunting canal system to master. Therefore KLM Royal Dutch Airlines decided to extend their care for their customers even after they’ve landed and developed the KLM Care Tag – producing and giving away several thousand to tourists flying into Amsterdam with them.

The KLM Care Tag is an audio luggage tag with inbuilt GPS, allowing tourists to simply attach it to their bags and explore the city intuitively. The KLM Care Tag, recorded by KLM’s own crew, gives in real-time interesting and useful tips and tricks to master the streets and canals of Amsterdam based on your location, so you have your very own city guide with you every step of the way.

There’s no need for an internet connection or mobile phone as the KLM Care Tag is standalone and simply and automatically plays pre-loaded messages once the user steps within a pre-defined radius of the point of interest. As it has no connection to the cloud, no usage data is sent to KLM or anyone.

Flying to Amsterdam? You can order your own for free at klm.com/caretag


Our role 

We collaborated with DDB & Tribal Amsterdam, who did the strategy and concept for the campaign whilst we designed and manufactured the Care Tag. We have produced several thousand units, localised in 5 different languages (English, Chinese, German, Portuguese and Russian).

The Care Tag was designed, manufactured and assembled locally in The Netherlands.


Our key responsibilities 

  • Industrial design

  • Interaction design

  • Electronic engineering (PCB design and firmware programming) 

  • Prototyping

  • Packaging

  • Regulations and conformity for the various countries 

  • Manufacturing (injection moulding, detailing, PCB, assembly, etc.)

  • Logistics & shipping

Together with

Client: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Agency: DDB & Tribal Amsterdam 


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